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Closed Consultations

  • Relocation of the Constance Bridgeman Centre (Pupil Referral Unit)

    The Constance Bridgeman Centre (CBC) is a Key Stage 4 (KS4) Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) that provides 42 places, for students aged 14 to 16. Due to reduced demand resulting from national lockdowns, the CBC is presently providing for a reduced cohort. The CBC is presently located at: East... More

    Closed 15 June 2021

  • Women's Health Strategy

    The Department of Health and Social Care are developing a new plan about women’s health and want to know what you think should be in the plan. The plan will be called the ‘Women’s Health Strategy’ and the government want to make sure that the thoughts, ideas and views of... More

    Closed 11 June 2021

  • Parks Public Spaces Protection Order

    Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO ) propose to deal with a particular nuisance in a particular area that is having a detrimental effect on the quality of life for those in the local community. It can prohibit certain things or require specific things to be done. ... More

    Closed 11 June 2021

  • Ilford Town Market

    Redbridge is poised to become east London’s growth borough for the next 15 years. Our reputation as a great place to live, combined with the arrival of the Elizabeth Line, will be catalysts for unprecedented levels of investment in the borough. We must rise to the challenge and support our... More

    Closed 8 June 2021

  • Redbridge SACRE Spirited Arts Competition

    Redbridge Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (RE) would like to invite children and young people from all school phases to join our Spirited Arts Competition. We welcome entries of art (drawing, painting or sketching etc) from all Redbridge pupils. Pupils can enter... More

    Closed 2 April 2021

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We asked your view on the South Woodford Community Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Hub project which would involved converting one side of the Mulberry Way car park into an EV charging hub.

You said

Majority of the respondents supported the proposal.

We did

The car park has been resurfaced and remarked to bring it up to the standards of modern car parks. 

To ensure that the bays remain available for residents and visitors to use and are not blocked by vehicles with internal combustion engines or EVs that have overstayed, the bays will be protected by a Traffic Management Order (TMO) and will be enforceable. 

We asked

We proposed 36 locations for installing on-street electric vehicle charging points and associated EV charging bays and asked your feedback on this proposal.

You said

You have told us if you support the proposal and where else the charge points should be installed if you didn't agree with the proposals.

We did

We are proceeding with the installation of electric vehicle charging points at the following locations:

Alexandra Road, at the side of no. 10 Pulteney Road

Belgrave Road, at the side of no. 35 Lake House Road

Buckingham Road, at the side of no. 44 Rutland Road

Byron Avenue, at the side of no. 69 Broadwalk

Cadogan Gardens, at the side of 23-25 Chigwell Road

Dangan Road, at the side of Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Derby Road, outside 90 to 96

Grove Road, the north-west side, approx.
50m north-east of Lincoln Road junction;

Halstead Road, at the side of no. 12 Nelson Road

Hermitage Walk, outside 44 to 54

Marlborough Road, at the side of no. 23A Clarendon Road

Maybank Avenue, opposite nos. 1 and 3

Monmouth Avenue, at the side of no. 27 Charnwood Drive

Wanstead Place, outside no. 4

Pelham Road, outside number 18

New locations have been identified as an alternative to the 21 locations that did not receive your support and there will be another consultation on these new locations shortly.


We asked

We asked your feedback on the proposed Mobility Hub on Wanstead High Street similar to the newly-accredited Mobility Hub located in George Lane, South Woodford.

You said

Majority of the respondents have supported the prosal.

We did

We will install a Mobility Hub on Wanstead High Street which will include an electric car club bay, an electric vehicle charging bay as well as outdoor seating area, cycle parking and plants