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Closed activities

  • Wanstead Youth Centre

    Redbridge Council is considering the future use of Wanstead Youth Centre. The building is old and requires a large amount of work to improve its condition. It is not fit for purpose and could become unsafe without significant investment. To renovate the building to a good standard would...

    Closed 13 March 2023

  • Broadmead Road – Road Safety Improvement

    The Council is proposing to introduce road safety improvements on Broadmead Road and The Terrace as shown on the plan below. We are proposing to provide traffic calming in the form of raised speed tables at pedestrian crossing points on Broadmead Road and The Terrace outside...

    Closed 17 February 2023

  • Landscape consultation

    Please provide your opinion on changes to the proposed landscape plans on your estate.

    Closed 4 February 2023

  • Redbridge Selective Licensing Consultation 2022

    This information is available in other formats and other languages. You can also view the page information in different languages and formats by clicking the Accessibility function at the top of your screen. If you require details about the proposals and the survey in an alternative...

    Closed 31 January 2023

  • Your Choices

    We must make tough choices with the budget as we try to manage the impact of inflation and the growing demands on key council services. Most of our money comes from the Government and has been significantly reduced over a decade of austerity. Each year we have to set a budget that we can...

    Closed 20 January 2023