ANPR Survey

Closed 2 Dec 2018

Opened 9 Oct 2018

Feedback updated 20 Dec 2018

We asked

What do you think about Redbridge Council's proposals to introduce 41 new Automatical Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras into the borough?

You said

An overwhelming majority of respondants (more than 9 in 10) supported the introduction of new ANPR cameras and thought that they would reduce crime.

We did

41 new ANPR cameras will be installed across the borough, including 14 digital dot-matrix display boards. We are also upgrading 160 CCTV cameras and introducing 35 deployable cameras to crime hotspots.

Results updated 20 Dec 2018

This consultation received over 1500 responses:

  • Results show 96% in favour of additional ANPR in the Borough
  • 93% respondents think this will reduce crime
  • 90% want dot matrix ANPR and think this will reduce crime
  • 86% of respondents want the Local Authority and Police to have strict rules in place to protect people’s privacy and stop the misuse of personal data collected by road camera
  • 74% respondents trusted the Authority to keep camera data safe and use it to properly target criminality and reduce crime, whilst 19% did not know if they trusted the Local Authority to keep camera data safe and use it to properly target criminality and reduce crime.
  • 55% agreed the Police use technologies like road cameras responsibly, whilst 30% did not know.
  • 77% supported the Police sharing data with other agencies such as Local Authority and Transport for London (TfL) to improve efficiency.
  • There were over 730 written responses with overwhelming support for the Leaders move to increase ANPR on the Borough, 41% of respondents made positive comments.
  • 5% of respondents made negative comments which were in the main concerns of the ANPR cameras being used to increase traffic penalties.

Following the positive responses to the Community Consultation, a total of 41 ANPR cameras will be installed at key locations across the Borough to target criminals, reduce crime and protect our residents.  There will be 14 digital display boards showing car registrations as you enter the Borough, this will be a clear message to criminals that Redbridge is taking action to catch and stop offenders.

In addition, the Borough CCTV system is undergoing a complete digital upgrade to ensure the cameras get the best evidence to catch criminals – over 160 crime cameras will be replaced to meet improved standards to protect residents and visitors. Extra deployable cameras are being bought to help the Council respond to problem areas quickly, there will be 35 cameras that can respond to tackle on- Borough problems and catch offenders.

There will be a CCTV vehicle patrolling the Borough targeting crime locations and further protecting residents from criminals. will be used to patrol roads and hot spots and deter crime.




The London Borough of Redbridge, in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service, is intending to install an extra 41 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras across the Borough of Redbridge to capture vehicle movements on key routes through the identification of the vehicle registration mark (VRM) of individual vehicles.

The provision of a wide range of CCTV coverage, including introducing an increased ANPR network linked to the Police’s national infrastructure, will ensure greater levels of security are experienced through:

  • public awareness that there is wide coverage within the borough
  • providing a deterrent to those entering borough with the intention of committing criminal activities

This will lead to not only to safer streets but also to the creation of a cleaner environment with CCTV locations at known hot spots for fly tipping and littering from vehicles being established. The ANPR data will be used to help the authority and police track and identify vehicles of interest whilst also aiding in local authority enforcement activities.

The sites of the ANPR equipment have been determined by the Police in conjunction with the local authority using analysis of key factors such as:

  • the volume of traffic using the road
  • whether the road is an arterial route
  • the proximity to crime and criminality hotspots
  • levels and patterns of vehicle crime

Why your views matter

We want to consult with the community to obtain views and feedback about the introduction of additional ANPR cameras and the introduction of dot matrix VRM display ANPR.


  • All Areas


  • Council Tenants and Leaseholders
  • Older people
  • Children
  • Young people
  • Businesses
  • Developers
  • Community and Voluntary Sector


  • Neighbourhoods
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