Benton Road and Cameron Road Area - Proposed 20mph Zone Extension

Closed 14 Feb 2021

Opened 4 Jan 2021


The Council is proposing to extend the 20mph zone in the Benton Road and Cameron Road Area.

We are proposing to extend the 20mph zone for the area into roads including Benton Road, Cameron Road, Charter Avenue, Aldborough Road South and Lombard Avenue, as highlighted in Plan 1. This will involve installing 20mph zone signs on some entries, as well as reminder signs and roadmarkings placed throughout the area.

The Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Services and Transport for London are being consulted on the proposals.

The main objective of the proposed scheme is to make this area safer for all vulnerable road users. By doing so, this will help reduce vehicular speeds, improve driver awareness and improve road safety in the area.

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