South Woodford Community Electric Vehicle Charging Hub

Closed 1 Apr 2021

Opened 1 Mar 2021


The South Woodford Community Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Hub project involves converting one side of the Mulberry Way car park into an EV charging hub. The design and layout and the draft traffic management order of the car park is available for your review.

There will be 12 electric vehicle charging bays and charge points with varying charging capacities from 7kW to 22kW.

A small number of car park bays will remain to cater for the low level of demand for parking in this car park. However, passive provision will be made to enable them to be converted into electric vehicle charging bays at some point in the future as demand for EV charging increases.

The car park will be resurfaced and remarked to bring it up to the standards of modern car parks. These maintenance and modernisation works will commence on Monday 8th March.

To ensure that the bays remain available for residents and visitors to use and are not blocked by vehicles with internal combustion engines or EVs that have overstayed, the bays can be protected by a Traffic Management Order (TMO) and can be enforceable. A TMO consultation will be carried out to confirm the change from parking bays to electric vehicle charging bays.  This consultation does not impact the modernisation works within the car park.

The EV charging bays will also be equipped with iBay technology which will notify the Enforcement teams when a car blocks the bays but is not plugged into the charge point. This will avoid bays being blocked, keep them free for residents and visitors to use and provide data on charging trends.

Why make these changes?

An Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has been in place in central London since 8 April 2019 to help improve air quality. Most vehicles, including cars and vans needed to meet new, tighter exhaust emission standards (ULEZ standards) or pay a daily charge to travel within the area of the ULEZ. From 25 October 2021, the ULEZ area will be expanded to include the area bounded by the North and South Circular Roads. This will include western areas of the London Borough of Redbridge such as South Woodford (including Mulberry Way), Snaresbrook, Wanstead, and Aldersbrook.

The main objective of the proposed South Woodford Community EV Charging Hub is to support residents with the ULEZ-wide transition to cleaner cars. As the sale of new petrol and diesel cars is likely to be banned from 2030, the Council is working on providing sufficient electric vehicle charge point (EVCP) infrastructure to meet the demand for EVCPs.

How will the Council implement the EVCPs and associated EV charging bays?

The Council will:

  • Undertake a non-statutory consultation on the conversion of part of Mulberry Way Car Park into a Community EV Charging Hub;
  • Undertake a consultation on the installation and operation of the off-street electric vehicle charge points (S.17, London Local Authority and Transport for London Act 2013);
  • Publicise a draft “Permanent” TMO, advertise it on-site and in local newspapers and undertake a statutory TMO consultation;
  • Following any decision to proceed with the installation of EVCPs, introduce the amended TMO.





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  • All residents


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