Ilford to Barking (Cycleway 42) - Proposed Cycling and Walking Improvements

Closed 20 Jan 2023

Opened 19 Dec 2022


The Council is proposing to introduce cycling and walking improvements to the Cycleway 42 (C42) route that runs from Ilford to Barking through Riverdene Road, Lowbrook Road and Uphall Road.

It is proposed to make improvements to the existing cycling and walking facilities in Riverdene Road, Lowbrook Road and Uphall Road to bring them up to the current standards. The improvements include introducing a ‘one-way’ system (except for cycles) in Riverdene Road between Audrey Road and Britannia Road; adjustments to the existing cycle track to widen and create a direct route through Riverdene Road, Lowbrook Road and Uphall Road; improve the public realm surrounding the cycle tracks with new surfacing/paving, tactile paving, planters (Sustainable Drainage System - SuDS) and cycle parking; and improve the street lighting along the length of the route.

The works will also include the provision of footway protection for the improved cycle track and walking areas, as well as associated signage and road markings for the C42 route from Ilford to Barking.

Figure 1 - Current C42 Cycle Track

Ilford and Barking are two Town Centres that can be directly reached by Ilford Lane or the North Circular. These plans allow an upgrade of a cycle route to re-connect these two town centres and allow active travel to play a part in leisure or commuter travel whether residents want to use the Elizabeth Line at Ilford or the C2C, London Underground and District Lines at Barking or to shop or meet at the town centres.

The upgrade of the cycle lane will encourage the use of cycling and reduce vehicle usage on one of our most congested and polluted parts of the network, leading to reduced emissions supporting the boroughs climate emergency action plan, and encourage healthier active lifestyles.

The introduction of the ‘one-way’ system will improve safety on Riverdene Road between Audrey Road and Britannia Road whilst providing cyclists a safe space, without inconveniencing motorists. The use of planters will improve the aesthetics of the route and the area as well as contributing to reducing the risk of surface water flooding.

The new route will form one of the key cycle routes in East London and begin to form part of a wider cycle network in Redbridge. The aim is to provide safe and pleasant cycle journeys to encourage more people out of vehicles to take healthier, more active modes of travel in the borough.

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What happens next

This consultation is now closed. 

An update on the consultation of the Ilford to Barking (Cycleway 42) - Proposed Cycling and Walking Improvements scheme will be posted soon.


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