Ilford Town Market

Closed 8 Jun 2021

Opened 11 May 2021


Redbridge is poised to become east London’s growth borough for the next 15 years. Our reputation as a great place to live, combined with the arrival of the Elizabeth Line, will be catalysts for unprecedented levels of investment in the borough. We must rise to the challenge and support our residents, businesses and communities to thrive, prosper and enjoy a high quality of life. One of the ways to deliver these aspirations will be the launch of a town centre market offer which is Safer, Cleaner and Greener and which supports the economic viability of the borough. An Ilford town centre market within a defined and beautiful, traffic free town square with mini-parks and relaxation areas will provide residents and visitors with a vibrant outdoor shopping and browsing offer in harmony with a cultural centre, the Mercato Metropolitano flagship food market and the miryad of local established businesses.

As part of a fundamental review of Ilford town centre public realm we want to hear your views on proposals for a town centre market. We are proposing to make available around 40 market stalls which will feature along the High Road between the Exchange Mall and Argos in a non-linear, spatially sensitive layout. We propose that Ilford Market runs 4-5 days a week, Wednesday to Saturday (possibly including Sunday as a USP) and at times that suit residents, workers shoppers and businesses, our proposed hours are 10 am to 7 pm. 

The High Road has been fitted with state-of-the-art lamp columns to provide a well-lit market area, with 100% coverage by our CCTV network. Market stalls will display unique ‘licence’ numbers to promote consumer confidence. In a traffic free environment, the market will have easy access for pedestrians, cyclists, and those on busses and trains.  Limited off-street parking is supplemented by multi-storey car parks to the South-East and North-West.

We aim for Ilford Market to be the hub of our businesses and communities. We propose stalls are adequately spaced from each other and from existing business premises. The town centre already provides spaces to relax and with family, alongside other features such as art and cultural events.

A core value is to provide a market offer in keeping with the diversity and culture of our local community. With a focus to drive harmony with existing business and provide an attractive product offer to consumers, a market will support the day time economy.  It further provides potential to embrace evening and night time activity including social, economic and cultural activity uses.

Any market provider will be expected to ensure security of their market stalls, with oversight from our enforcement, cleansing and licencing teams. Our proposed design improves public realm safety for visitors and the town centre communities.

We will hold market traders accountable for maintaining cleanliness and will require high levels of sustainability with recycling, no single use plastics, reduced carbon footprint and greening policies.

Further information on the plans for Ilford can be found on the council's webpage.


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