Noise Nuisance Mobile Phone App

Closed 28 Jan 2020

Opened 5 Nov 2019


Update: The consultation is now closed and the responses are being considered as part of the next steps.

This consultation sets out the proposal to establish a new way for residents to report Noise Nuisance via a mobile phone application. 

The Community Protection Team at Redbridge Council receive and respond to over 6,000 complaints of noise nuisance a year. At present many of these turn out to be unjustified or malicious calls, which can obscure the genuine complaints. In addition, the way that we currently process reports can mean that it is difficult to initially assess the severity of each complaint. Complaints can also be made in different ways and this causes duplication and needless cross-checking. We want to ensure that officer time is spent quickly and efficiently supporting residents who are facing the most serious issues of noise and anti-social behaviour.

To do this, the Council is considering new and innovative uses of technology to support residents to report complaints and make it clear of the severity from the outset. This includes a free mobile application to allow residents to record their own evidence of noise nuisance and send it directly to the team to evaluate and respond. This app is GPS enabled, allowing the team to pinpoint geographically the resident affected.

Similar apps are currently being used by other London Boroughs and recorded noise evidence has assisted in prosecutions. There will provisions made for the elderly and persons unable to utilise the app to report a noise issues. As part of this consultation we are seeking your views on how we best support this section of the community. 

The Community Protection Team are open to improving how we deliver services to residents and believe that a system where the most severe cases are prioritised supported by the benefits of a modern system will enable officers to concentrate their resources to investigating and prosecuting the people who actions reduce resident’s quality of life.

For further information about the application please use the link for the new below.

Why We Are Consulting

We would like your opinion on using this technology, and our approach to categorising service requests to ensure that we deal with the most severe as a priority.


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