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Closes 1 Oct 2021


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Restricted vehicle access Pulteney Road

A modal filter is proposed on Pulteney Road allowing cyclist access in both directions but vehicle access only heading in the south direction on Pulteney Road. The benefits of this include:

  • Eliminating the rat running route from Chigwell Road, along Pulteney Road, finishing at Granville Road to get to Charlie Brown’s roundabout
  • Eliminating through traffic
  • Creating a lower traffic environment as only residents will drive in the area
  • Enabling residents of the lower part of the triangle to walk or cycle short trips
  • Putting traffic back onto the strategic roads where it belongs

One-Way system on Granville Road and Albert Road

On Granville Road and Albert Road it is proposed that motor traffic is only permitted in one direction heading west away from Chigwell Road (cyclist can continue to use the street in both directions).

The benefits of this includes:

  • Cutting off the rat running routes from The Viaduct to Charlie Brown’s roundabout and from Pulteney Road
  • Removing queuing on Granville Road – improving residential access during peak hours
  • Eliminating issues associated with vehicles travelling in both directions on Granville Road where the road width is limited
  • Improving air quality due to an overall reduction in traffic volumes throughout the Oakdale area
  • Putting traffic back onto the strategic roads where it belongs
  • Reduction in traffic flows on Granville Road and Albert Road

One-Way system on George Lane and Victoria Road

It is proposed to extend the existing one-way system around George Lane.

  • George Lane one-way heading west away from Chigwell Road.
  • Victoria Road one-way heading east towards Chigwell Road.

This will require the review of traffic signals at the Chigwell Road/George Lane junction with possible future relocation to the Chigwell Road/Victoria Road junction and access restrictions to Southview Drive. A kerb build out is proposed on Southview Drive entrance to restrict access of motor vehicles making it exit only onto Chigwell Road. People walking and cycling can still use Southview Drive in both directions. As a result of the one-way system eastbound buses will be diverted to Victoria Road. (it will also be necessary to relocate a bus stop from George Lane to Victoria Road).

The benefits of this includes:

  • Eliminating congestion issues with vehicles and buses having difficulty travelling in both directions during peak hours down narrow George Lane
  • Improving bus journey times due to reduction in congestion
  • Putting traffic back onto the strategic roads where it belongs
  • Reducing traffic volumes on George Lane and minimal increases on Victoria Road as a result of the one-way system
  • Restricting access to Southview Drive increases the traffic volume that can travel north/south towards Charlie Brown’s roundabout through the Hermon Hill/George Lane/Southview Drive/Chigwell Road junction

Oakdale School Streets extension

Possible extension of the Oakdale School Streets scheme to neighbouring roads.

Access only and Pocket Park Cowslip Road

It is proposed to restrict vehicle access on Cowslip Road and relocate the bus stop to The Viaduct. This would prevent through traffic movements for motor vehicles between Victoria Road and George Lane, giving space back to pedestrians and providing an area to relax and play.