Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) Re-Banding in Redbridge

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Closes 24 Dec 2021

Background Information

Currently two levels of charging operate within London for parking Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) which are commonly referred to as parking tickets.  The two levels are Band A (the higher level of charge) and Band B (the lower level of charge).

The London Borough of Redbridge is a Band B borough for parking offences meaning that the lower set of charges apply, as shown in the table below:

PCN Band Level

Higher (Discount)

Lower (Discount)


     £130 (£65)

     £80 (£40)


     £110 (£55)

     £60 (£30)


Within each band there is a further higher/lower split for offences which are deemed to be more or less serious.  In general terms less serious offences tend to be things like overstaying in a car park or pay and display bay, whilst more serious offences include parking in a bus stop, disabled bay or double yellow lines.  In all cases a 50% discount applies if payment is received within 14 days.

A map showing a split between Band B and Band A issuing authorities in London is shown below. It should also be noted that the London Boroughs of Brent, Barnet, Ealing, Hounslow and Merton have all recently consulted on moving from Band B to Band A.

The objective of any well-functioning parking operation should be to gain and maintain compliance with the restrictions.  In simple terms compliance is achieved through a combination of clear, well-maintained and appropriate restrictions, supported by a robust and fair enforcement regime. As time passes compliance should increase and the number of parking tickets reduce; as the majority of motorists follow the restrictions. 

The London Borough of Redbridge has instead seen an increase in the number of parking tickets issued in recent years, despite the effects of COVID 19. Whilst some of this increase may be due to improved detection by the enforcement team, the more substantial part is likely due to the decreased deterrent effect of the value of a PCN which has not increased since 2011.


1 Apr 19 to 31 Mar 20

1 Apr 20 to 31 Mar 21

1 Apr to 31 Mar 22

On Street PCNs Issued



  59,936 *

  • Please note this figure is from 1 Apr to 30 Sept (6 months). This annualised is 119,872.

The Council believes that an increase in the penalty amount is likely to restore the deterrent effect of the PCN.  This will in turn result in higher levels of compliance.

The main benefits of the proposal are as follows:

1. Traffic flow and congestion

A higher penalty notice will reduce vehicles stopping in places which hinder traffic flow and help reduce congestion and journey times.

2. Protection of spaces for dedicated users

Redbridge has a number of spaces reserved for the use of specific users groups including disabled bays.

3. Vehicle turnover in paid spaces

Redbridge has some of the lowest parking charges in London and continues to offer a free one hour parking session in all on street spaces to support local businesses and services. A higher PCN charge would help ensure that vehicles are not left longer than paid for making it more likely for visitors to find a space at their destination.

4. Improved safety and reduced obstructions

Higher penalty charges would also improve safety at school pick up and drop times as compliance improves.  Poor compliance at schools causes an obstruction for local residents and has the potential to endanger children and block access for emergency vehicles. 

5. Blocked driveways and blocked access

Vehicles parked across driveways and blocking access is a source of concern and frustration.  A higher penalty will act as a greater deterrent.