Road Safety Improvements in Hatley Avenue

Closed 28 Nov 2022

Opened 7 Nov 2022


Redbridge Council are proposing to provide traffic calming in the form of speed humps on Hatley Avenue, as shown on the attached plan. We are intending to install 75mm high (3 inch) round top speed humps on this road as well as the associated warning signs.

The Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Services and Transport for London are being consulted on the proposals.

Why make changes?

Traffic surveys undertaken on Hatley Avenue have demonstrated that vehicle speeds are often in excess of the speed limit. Also, Fullwood Primary School is near to Hatley Avenue and there are large numbers school children using this road.

The main objective of the proposed scheme is to make this area safer for all road users. The proposed scheme will help reduce vehicular speeds, reduce the occurrence of collisions and improve road safety in the area.

Lowering traffic speeds also makes our streets less polluted, and better and safer places to walk and cycle.

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Your feedback is important to us. We want to know your views about the proposed road safety improvements in your area.  

Please note, we will only accept one completed questionnaire per household. In the event of multiple submissions from the same postal address, only the most recent will be accepted. We are also not able to respond to all comments made, however, they will be considered when making our recommendations. 

The Council will consider the consultation results and decide on how to proceed with the proposals - we will advise you of the outcome.


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