The Roses: Permit Parking Consultation

Closed 24 Jan 2021

Opened 27 Nov 2020


In October 2020 the Council received a petition, signed by 41 local residents from different properties in The Roses, stating:

We, the undersigned, petition the council to make The Roses, IG8 9BN, resident only parking due to residents not being able to park in the afternoon / evening because of Saint Aubyn’s School parents who park in the estate from 3pm to 5pm to pick up their children”.

We are conducting this consultation to find out your views.  If permit parking controls were introduced, we would like to know what days and times you think they should operate.

How does permit parking work?

Permit parking controls could be introduced to only allow vehicles belonging to local properties, including those of their visitors, to park in The Roses during the controlled times of operation.  The times of operation would be decided based on the feedback received to this consultation.

Signs would be erected at the start of The Roses to indicate that parking past that point is for local permit holders only.  Repeater signs would be provided on lighting columns along the road.  There would not be any new bay markings or yellow lines introduced.  This arrangement means that residents and their visitors could continue to choose their own parking place when displaying a permit.

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How much do permits cost?

The easiest and cheapest way to apply for permits is online. 

The cost of applying online for one Resident Permit, covering 12 months, is £20.  A second permit is available for £100 and any further permits cost £180.  Six-month permits are also available.  Residents may also purchase Visitor Tickets to give to their visitors at £10 for a book of 10 tickets.  Each Visitor Ticket is valid for one whole day.  Disabled badge holders and owners of fully electric vehicles may obtain their permit FREE of charge. 

Any paper / postal applications for Resident permits will incur an additional admin fee of £20 per application (this does not apply to Visitor Tickets).


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