Thorpedale Gardens - Part Adoption

Closes 12 Dec 2022

Opened 9 Nov 2022


Local residents have asked the Council to take action in stopping problematic parking blocking access to private garages on the unadopted parts of Thorpedale Gardens, local residents have also stated there is anti-social behaviour taking place in the unadopted sections of Thorpedale Gardens. The types of issues that have been reported to the Council range from illegal fly-tipping, use of recreational drugs or other legal highs, and general anti-social behaviour.

Currently only a short section of Thorpedale Gardens is adopted and therefore maintained and managed by the Council. This is the section at the southern end, from the junction with Queensborough Gardens for roughly 40m. All other parts of Thorpedale Gardens are unadopted, which means that the responsibility for maintaining and managing them sits with the landowner(s) and not the Council. Residents have taken action to maintain and improve the unadopted area with vegetation being cleared and the road surface being improved on some sections. Gates have also been installed at certain points by residents to restrict vehicle access to anyone but those with access rights to their garages. The Council is now proposing additional works to compliment what residents have already done.

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