Vehicle Idling Traffic Management Order

Closed 2 Aug 2019

Opened 4 Jul 2019


Vehicle idling is when someone leaves their engine on even when it does not need to be. It is a source of localised pollution and poor air quality, which can have serious adverse health impacts on residents and visitors to the borough, particularly those who are most vulnerable such as children and the elderly.

In a recent consultation on the new Air Quality Action Plan for the borough, 74% of respondents to the consultation agreed or strongly agreed with our proposal to increase enforcement action against vehicle idling. We are therefore proposing to introduce a Traffic Management Order (TMO) to allow enforcement officers to issue penalty charge notices to drivers who leave a vehicle running whilst parked.

Alongside this, the Council will be running an education and behaviour change campaign to help reduce localised air pollution caused by motorists.

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Why We Are Consulting

We want to know what you think of our proposals to enforce ‘no vehicle idling’ across the borough through a Traffic Management Order (TMO). It will only be through the support of the community and everyone playing their part that we can secure real improvements in air quality and protect people’s health for the future.

Compact compliance: This is a statutory, 21 working day consultation required to introduce a new TMO and is in addition to a full 12-week consultation carried out on the draft Air Quality Action Plan.


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