Waste and Recycling Survey

Closed 6 Jan 2019

Opened 17 Oct 2018

Feedback updated 24 Apr 2019

We asked

How can we reduce waste in the borough?

You said

Recyling is important, but residents want containerisation of waste and more clarity around what is required

We did

We have published our new Waste Reduction Strategy 2019-2027

Results updated 24 Apr 2019

Between October 2018 and January 2019 residents’ views on waste and recycling have been gathered via the Waste and Recycling Consultation. 1116 responses were received.

  • 98.39% of residents agree that recycling at home is important
  • 96.32% of residents would like to recycle a wide range of materials
  • 74.64% of residents would be likely to make use of a separate food waste collection
  • 61.38% thought that a container such as a wheelie bin would be beneficial to them to store and present their waste
  • 81.90% believe formal action should be taken against those that spoil their community

The consultation also highlights that there is some confusion with the current kerbside recycling collection scheme in relation to “what goes where” and how residents can occasionally present additional recycling that does not fit into their containers.

On the back of this consultation, the Council has produced a new Waste Reduction Strategy 2019-2027. This includes the movements towards containerisation of waste (i.e. wheelie bins) and further enforcement relating to fly-tipping.



Between October 2018 and January 2019, Redbridge Council is conducting a survey to gather the views and opinions of our residents around waste, recycling and the local street scene. We will be using your input alongside other research to develop a future Waste Strategy for the Borough.

At the moment Redbridge is one of the lowest recycling performers in London. In addition, we sadly produce a very high level of general waste. In 2016/17 we collected 673.9 kilograms of black sack rubbish from every household - this is the third highest amount for any local authority in England. The amount of rubbish we are collecting is rising higher than the rate of population growth in the Borough and we need to reduce this wastage to lessen the environmental impact and to improve the local street scene.

Our motivations lie in making the borough as clean and safe as possible for residents and workers.

This survey will take around 10-15 minutes to complete.


Recycling rates in London:

What happens next

We are hoping for the new Waste Strategy to go to Cabinet in January 2019.


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