Wycombe Road Public Consultation

Closed 25 Sep 2022

Opened 5 Sep 2022


The Council has received complaints about vehicles not belonging to local residents being parked for long periods of time in Wycombe Road. This extra parking pressure can make it difficult for local residents to gain access along the road and harder to park near their properties. If supported by local residents, new permit parking controls could be introduced to resolve this issue.

How does permit parking work?

Permit parking controls could be introduced through a Permit Parking Area scheme, protecting local spaces for local properties. Only those that live within the permit area would be eligible to apply for parking permits. 

Parking signs would be displayed at the start of the road to indicate that parking past that point is for local permit holders only, with smaller parking signs displayed on lamp posts throughout the Permit Parking Area as a reminder to drivers.  

The controlled times of operation would be decided based on the feedback received to this consultation (the sign details shown on this page are for example purposes).

In most cases, there is no need for any single yellow lines or permit bays to be introduced (the road would remain mostly unmarked). However, double yellows lines may be proposed at road junctions and any other constrained locations on road safety and accessibility grounds.

This means that within a Permit Parking Area, permit holders are free to choose their own parking place, as long as it does not cause obstruction. This maximises the amount of parking space available to local permit holders as it means households can still park in front of their own dropped kerb when displaying a valid permit. It also reduces the visual impact that road markings can have on the street-scene.

The plan below provides an overview of where these new parking controls could apply.

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Permit parking controls would only apply to the public highway. You would not need to display a permit when parked on your driveway or when parked on any other private land.

Why your views matter

We want to know your view. A decision will be made based on the responses received to this consultation by local residents.


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