Proposal: Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Additionally Resourced Provision at Caterham High School

Closed 11 Oct 2021

Opened 13 Sep 2021


This consultation sets out details of a proposal relating to the establishment of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) at Caterham High School, for pupils with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Caterham High School is a six-form entry (6FE) Community Secondary School, which accommodates children from Year 7 to Year 13. The school has a Published Admission Number (PAN) of 180 and admits up to this number each year into its Year 7. The school has a sixth form admission number of 38 pupils at Year 12. This gives the school an overall PAN capacity of 976 pupils, although the buildings’ overall capacity is registered in excess of this at 1,182.


The London Borough of Redbridge is proposing to establish an ASD ARP at Caterham High School for 28 additional pupils with an EHCP, across Year Groups 7 to 13 (4 places in each year group). Thus, the ARP’s intended structure is as shown in the below table:



















If approved, the plan is to formally open the new facility in September 2022. In the first year, two places will be offered in Year 7, and two in Year 12. Thereafter, the provision will grow incrementally, year-on-year, until the total capacity of 28 places across Year 7-13 is reached. Admission to this facility will be distinct from mainstream admission to the main school. As such, future arrangements for admissions to mainstream Year 7 and Year 12 places (as well as in year admission to other year groups) will not be affected by this proposal. You can view further details in the consultation document below as well as the statutory notice for the proposal.

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Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

Why your views matter

This proposal has been formed in response to a growing demand for such places in the local area. In line with regional and national trends, the London Borough of Redbridge has recently been experiencing substantial growth in demand for places in specialist education provision. As far back as 2015, Redbridge identified growth in the number of pupils presenting with different forms of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), which accelerated over the following years. For example, between 2018 and 2020, the total number of school-age pupils with registered SEND rose by 13.6%.

As a consequence of this rising demand, the London Borough of Redbridge undertook a High Needs Review, which recommended the creation of 140 new school places for pupils with SEND, over the period 2018-2023. This was underpinned by an aspiration to create a significant amount of these places in Additionally Resourced Provisions attached to mainstream schools. This element of the proposals, in particular, generated strong support from parents, when consultation on the Review’s proposals was undertaken in July 2018. Parents welcomed the proposed increase in the range of options available, with an emphasis on access to a mainstream curriculum, in the context of appropriate specialist support.

This trend is projected to continue over the course of the current seven-year planning horizon, with this being particularly driven by a rapid increase in specific areas of identified need. Thus, by the 2027/28 academic year, there is forecast to be a 21.9% increase in the number of pupils with EHCPs in Redbridge, with a corresponding increase of 26.5% in the number of such pupils with ASD as a primary need type. Naturally, such pupil growth has resulted in the need for additional provision to accommodate the shifting profile of need, which has only partially been achievable within the bounds of the existing infrastructure.

The current proposal, therefore, forms part of a borough-wide expansion programme, aimed at providing sufficient SEND school places to meet the current and projected future levels of demand, delivered across both specialist and mainstream settings. If approved, this proposal would provide 28 additional secondary places within Redbridge, which would help to bridge the gap between the supply of and demand for school places. It is also worth noting that this proposal directly compliments the creation of 28 primary places in 2019, even split across Cranbrook Primary School and Mayespark Primary School.

What happens next

Following the completion of the consultation period, the decision on whether to formally approve the proposal will be referred to the Cabinet in November 2021. The outcome of the consultation process and the decision taken will be published on the Council website:

The responses received as part of the current consultation exercise will be collated and fed into the decision-making process. Should it be decided to proceed, the intention would be to implement the proposal for September 2022.


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