School Admissions Arrangements 2021-22

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Closes 25 Nov 2019

Pupil Premium limitations

From 2018/19, we introduced priority for children living in the common catchment area who are entitled to the pupil premium and attain the pass mark for up to 18 places (10%). However, the take up in the first year was closer to 5%.

The borough average for pupils in secondary school who are entitled to the pupil premium is 29%, and some secondary school Headteachers are of the view that this should be the target for the grammar schools. For entry to secondary schools in September 2019, 26 children eligible for pupil premium were offered places at the two grammar schools, 8 at Woodford County High School for Girls and 18 at Ilford County High School for Boys.

We propose to change the current priority so that it is no longer “restricted” to only 10% (18 places). We hope that this will encourage more applications, as there would no longer be a limit to the number of places that were potentially available.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the wording in the arrangements will state:

  1. Places will be offered to all children who are entitled to the pupil premium (eligibility checks will be carried out to ascertain those who were eligible for pupil premium, including Ever6, on the date the application was made), ranked according to the total standardised score in overall order of merit
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