School Admissions Arrangements 2022-2023

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Closes 16 Nov 2020

Change in admission numbers

We are proposing a change to the admission numbers to the following school:

Cleveland Road Primary School

The school was previously separate Infants’ and Junior schools with different PANs of 90 in the Infants and 140 in the Juniors.

After the two schools joined to become a Primary school, Officers previously recommended that the number to admit should change to 120 for the Infant classes, to accommodate what was anticipated at the time to be increased demand for places in that area.

The first two of the additional Infant classes were accommodated within existing facilities, but it was recognised that the school would require significant asset redevelopment and extension to accommodate all the proposed additional pupils in the future.

Although the school is very popular, the overall demand for places in the area has changed considerably and there is now a significant surplus of Primary places.

In light of this and the OSA Determination ADA3553 issued on 27 August 2019 (below), we are proposing to reduce the PAN from 120 to 90, as there is now insufficient overall demand for places in this area, which is expected to continue, and the additional pupils for an intake of 120 cannot be accommodated within the existing facilities without significant capital investment.

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1. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this proposal?