Oaklands Hamlet: Parking Consultation

Closed 23 Dec 2022

Opened 28 Nov 2022


We last wrote to local residents in March 2022 in response to local concerns raised over the proposed introduction of double yellow lines in the Oaklands Hamlet by Countryside L&Q (the developer and managing agent for private roads in your area).  The purpose of those parking controls was to improve road accessibility and sightlines leading to better road safety.

While an earlier parking consultation was held with local residents in May and June 2021 by Countryside, we agreed that the passage of time since that consultation and the arrival of new residents into the hamlet meant that further consultation was required. 

We therefore made a commitment that every local household would be given the opportunity to have their say before any final decision is made to introduce new double yellow lines.



Double yellow lines could be introduced to prevent on-street parking in the areas indicated on the enclosed plan to improve road safety and accessibility.  These controls would mainly apply to some parts of Five Oaks Lane, as well as various junctions and turning areas throughout the hamlet. 

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Double yellow lines would apply to everyone, whether you are a local resident or not.

We have tried to minimise where double yellow lines would be introduced. This would result in more than 60 on-street parking spaces remaining freely available on Five Oaks Lane, available on a first come first served basis for those residents and their visitors that do need to park in the road (with further parking available on side roads).

To improve accessibility for pedestrians using the footways, it is intended that footway parking would no longer be permitted.  Where on-street parking is allowed, vehicles would need to park fully in the carriageway.



We want to hear your views about any new double yellow lines that could be introduced in your area. 


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