Survey for Families

Closed 26 Aug 2021

Opened 15 Jul 2021


The Healthy Child Programme is designed to offer every family support in making healthy choices. It includes immunisations, health information, developmental reviews, and access to a range of community services and resources. It aims to:

  •  help parents, carers or guardians develop and sustain a strong bond with children
  •  support parents, carers or guardians in keeping children healthy and safe and reaching their full potential
  •  protect children from serious disease, through screening and immunisation
  •  reduce childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating and physical activity
  •  promote oral health
  •  support resilience and positive maternal and family mental health
  •  support the development of healthy relationships and good sexual and reproductive health
  •  identify health and wellbeing issues early, so support and early interventions can be provided in a timely manner
  •  make sure children are prepared for and supported in all childcare, early years and education settings and are especially supported to be ‘ready to learn at 2 and ready for school by 5

The 0 to 5 element of the Healthy Child Programme is led by health visiting services and the 5 to 19 element is led by school nursing services. Health visitors visit families in their own home from the antenatal period up to school entry; the service is also delivered in several settings including families own homes, local community or primary care settings. School nursing services work with children and young people (5 to 19), both in and out of school settings.

Why your views matter

As part of our commitment to improve our service, we would like to collect your views about your recent experience with the services. We would like to know whether you have accessed the services and how your experience was. Your opinion is important to us. Thank you for taking the time to complete this 5 minutes survey


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