Aldersbrook and Lake House Conservation Area Article 4 Directions

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Closes 14 Dec 2020


In order to inform the Council's decision on whether to confirm the Immediate or Non-Immediate Article 4 Direction that has been served, please complete the survey below. The Council will take all submissions into consideration when making its decision at a Cabinet meeting set for the 12 January 2021.
1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?
If you enter your email address then you will automatically receive an acknowledgement email when you submit your response.
3. Do you live in Aldersbrook and Lake House Conservation Area?
4. Are you an owner occupier, or do you rent property in the area?
5. Are you a resident, a business owner in the conservation area, or are you responding from an organisation?
6. What is your organisation?
7. Do you agree with the implementation of an Immediate Article 4 Direction to immediately withdraw permitted development rights, in order to protect the character of the conservation area?
8. Instead of an Immediate Article 4 Direction, do you think the Council should implement a Non-Immediate Article 4 Direction, so that residents will have a 12-month notice period to prepare for the withdrawal of permitted development rights?
9. Please explain the reasoning behind your answers to questions 7 and 8 in the text box below.
10. Are you already planning to make alterations to your property in Aldersbrook and Lake House Conservation Area through the use of permitted development rights?