Aldersbrook Conservation Area - Appraisal and Design Guide

Closed 24 Feb 2020

Opened 13 Jan 2020

Feedback expected 1 Apr 2020


The Council’s Planning service has drafted a Conservation Area Appraisal with management recommendations, and a Design Guide for the Aldersbrook Conservation Area, to help manage change within the protected area. As part of the process for the adoption of the Draft Aldersbrook Conservation Area Appraisal and the Draft Aldersbrook Conservation Area Design Guide, a six-week consultation period has been arranged, starting on Monday 13 January 2020, and ending on Monday 24 February 2020.

The Council has also arranged a public event at St. Gabriel’s Church, Aldersbrook, on Wednesday 12 February 2020, between 2pm and 7pm, where you can discuss the proposals and recommendations within the appraisal and design guide documents with Council Planning Officers and representatives.

The Draft Aldersbrook Conservation Area Appraisal - this document assesses the character of the Aldersbrook conservation area in terms of its heritage importance, and indicates where the character is under threat from negative changes that have taken place over the years, why the conservation area is particularly vulnerable to change, and recommends management proposals that can tackle these harmful impacts.

The Draft Aldersbrook Conservation Area Design Guide - this document has been written for homeowners in the Aldersbrook Conservation Area, as well as to guide builders and developers, to help them conserve and enhance the character of the area. It will also be used by Planning Officers in the Council’s Development Management service to make the right decisions when planning applications are submitted for development in Aldersbrook.

Why We Are Consulting

The Council would like to get the views of residents, local community groups and other stakeholders on the contents and recommendations of the draft documents, to ensure that the right approach is being taken to preventing further harm to the character of the local area, and to maintaining and enhancing the areas special character and heritage. The Council also has a statutory duty to consult with the public when taking such actions in designated conservation areas.

What Happens Next

Following the consultation, the Council will consider comments made by respondents and make any necessary changes to the document before final approval by Cabinet in Spring 2020.


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  • All residents
  • Developers
  • Community and Voluntary Sector
  • Religious groups


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