Consultation on COVID-19 Memorial proposal

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Closes 14 Dec 2020

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3. What is your organisation?
4. Do you agree that Redbridge Council should establish a primary memorial to victims of COVID-19?
5. Do you think this proposed memorial of a stand of a three-quarters of a circle of birch trees with memorial benches, forming a peaceful glade is suitable and will it meet the needs of residents?
6. There is also a proposal, in addition to the primary memorial, to have smaller local commemorations around the borough. The proposal is to plant in each of the 20 wards a small commemorative stand of trees with a bench. This would provide a commemorative place nearby for everyone. Do you think this would be suitable?
7. You may have other ideas on how we should commemorate those we have lost through this pandemic. Please use the space below to share your ideas with us.
8. If the proposal for small stands of trees in local parks is adopted, would you be interested in being involved in the planting and/or maintenance of the of those memorials?

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We will not share any information with third parties or contact you for reasons other than for the planting and/or maintenance of the memorials.