Gants Hill Community Hub

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Closes 1 Sep 2019

Local Services

The Gants Hill community hub will be located at the Gants Hill library site. The Gants Hill library could be refurbished, extended or re-developed depending on the scope of services to be included in the hub.

View the Cabinet report.

1. Please tell us what other local services are important to you and also for the local area to be included in Gants Hill community hub.

Adult Learning
Adult Social Care
Benefits Advice
Business Hub
Children's Centre
Children's Social Care
Employment Advice and Support
Family Services
Health Services
Housing Advice
Police Surgeries
Youth Services
Voluntary Groups and Services

2. Are there any other services you think should be included in the new Community Hub at Gants Hill?

3. Thinking about creating a new community hub for Gants Hill, what do you feel are the most important considerations in designing the community hub building?