High Streets and Business survey

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Closes 30 Jun 2021


1. What is your name?
2. Please provide your email address
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3. Please provide the name of your business/organisation
4. Do you operate a business in Redbridge?
5. If yes, please select the location of your business from this list of town centres
6. How much confidence does your business have that it will survive in the next 6 months?
7. What capital improvements to your business property would help increase your customers and trading opportunities?
8. If funding is made available by the Council for improvements to your business property, it will have to be matched by the recipient. What level of funds would you be able to contribute?
9. Please select 2 areas of support that you may need in the next 6-12 months
10. Please select 2 activities that will best support your business in the next 6 to 12 months
11. Would you like to be part of a local business forum or business network?
12. Does your business require any other support that is not listed on previous questions?

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