Seven Kings Community Hub - Part Two

Closed 31 May 2019

Opened 29 Apr 2019


A new community hub is coming to your area!

What’s happening?

  • Redbridge Council is creating a new ‘community hub’ to serve the areas of Seven Kings, Goodmayes, Chadwell Heath, Newbury Park, Mayfield, Loxford, Clementswood and Ilford Town.
  • It wants to design and run the hub with the local community.
  • The community hub will be a new building. It will be located on the High Road in Seven Kings, opposite Chester Road and Pembroke Road where the large car park is now.

What is a community hub?

  • A community hub is a building that contains services and space for the local community
  • Exactly what it includes – from a cafe, to a youth centre, to a community kitchen, to space for exercise classes – is up to you.

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Why We Are Consulting

  • This survey is the second step in the council asking you what you would like this hub to be like and offer. The first survey was about services. This survey focuses on community uses.
  • It has 8 questions and will take you a maximum of 10 minutes to fill in. You can answer all of the questions, or some of them – whatever you’d prefer.
  • The council will use what you say to help create an initial plan for what the hub will be like.


  • Chadwell
  • Clementswood
  • Goodmayes
  • Ilford Town
  • Loxford
  • Mayfield
  • Newbury
  • Seven Kings


  • All residents
  • Businesses
  • Developers
  • Community and Voluntary Sector
  • People with a disability
  • Council staff


  • Regeneration
  • Planning
  • Property