Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2022/23

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Closes 19 Nov 2021

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The Council's Current Council Tax Reduction (CTR) Scheme:

There is no means tested calculation which means that small fluctuations in income rarely affect entitlement, allowing claimants to budget more effectively.  A means tested scheme is re-active to all changes in income, however small and results in a re-assessment for every change.

With the introduction and roll-out of Universal Credit, claims are re-assessed monthly. Each re-assessment generates new entitlement letters and Council Tax bills. This monthly change creates financial uncertainty for residents, can make it difficult for people to budget, and can result in debt problems.

The current scheme is based on income bands and the Council provide six levels of support to the following households:

  • Households with children also receiving disability benefits - PIP, DLA, AA - 85% reduction in Council Tax 
  • Households with children in receipt of a pasported benefit or Universal Credit and not working - 72% reduction in Council Tax 
  • All other households with children and with gross earnigs below £17,680 per annum - 51% in Council Tax 
  • No children, receiving disability benefits - PIP,DLA, AA - 85% reduction in Council Tax 
  • No children in receipt of a passported benefit or Universal Crdit and not working - 62% reduction in Council Tax 
  • No children with gross earnings below £12,116 per annum - 41% reductionin Council Tax 

In addition, under the current scheme:

  • Pensioners receive support of up to 100% reduction on council tax. 
  •  All non-dependants (e.g., grown up children or other adults including relatives) living in the property are expected to contribute towards the Council Tax. There is a flat rate of £12.00 per week for those who are working and £5.00 per week for those who are not working.
  • There is a minimum award of £5.00 per week. If your reduction is calculated at less than £5.00 per week, you will be liable to pay the full Council Tax charge.

Support measures in place: 

The Council provides the following support measures for residents:

  • A hardship fund for those vulnerable residents facing financial difficulties.
  • Employment and skills advice and training for those who are unemployed or in low paid work.
  • Advice and support to claim more complex benefits such as Personal Independence Payments and Attendance Allowance.
  • Take-up campaigns to identify residents who may not be claiming all the benefits they are entitled to, and support them with applications.

The Council are developing an employment strategy to help more residents into work and improve their skills to lift them out of poverty. This will include money advice to support financial independence.

1. Income Bands - Pensioners will continue to receive support of up to 100%. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the proposal to continue the current scheme for a further year?
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