Redbridge Climate Change

Closed 30 Jun 2020

Opened 13 Mar 2020


The council is responding to the climate crisis by developing a new plan to make all our operations net zero by 2030. This means we will need to use green power, insulate our buildings more effectively, reduce our journeys and use electric vehicles, among other actions.

We also want to use our role as a community leader to encourage businesses and residents to move towards reducing their own emissions. The council will be working with local people over the coming months to develop plans that help all of us make greener choices.

Climate Change is both a challenge and an opportunity for Redbridge. For instance, communities living along the Roding could face the risk of higher levels of flooding if we do not take action to reduce global warming. But if we make the right choices, we can encourage people to be mroe active, improve air quality, reduce traffic and support good jobs for people fitting new insulation, boilers and energy systems.

This is the first part of a three stage engagement exercise. At this stage, we want to gather as many ideas as possible. In the next stage we will ask residents to set their own carbon budget for the borough, and finally we will engage face-to-face at the May and June local forums.


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