Redbridge Climate Change

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Closes 31 May 2020


We know that individuals and communities across Redbridge are already taking action to reduce their emissions. That’s why we want to hear your ideas for how we can change as a council to help more people make greener decisions.

Most of our emissions come from just two sources.

Buidling account for around 55% of the borough’s greenhouse gas emissions. This comes from things like heating, cooking and using non-renewable electricity to power devices in homes and businesses. We can reduce this with better insulation, buying green energy and moving to more sustainable heating systems as this technology becomes available.

Transport is responsible for about 36% of our emissions. We can reduce this by switching to more efficient electric vehicles – ideally powered by green electricity – and by reducing the number of journeys we make by car.

Waste makes up about 8% of our emissions, but we still need to take action to reduce the amount of stuff we throw away, and to recycle more.

1. What are your ideas for how the council can reduce its emissions?
2. What do you think the community and businesses can do to reduce emissions?
3. What, if anything, are you doing personally to reduce your emissions?
4. How could the council help you further reduce your emissions?