Draft Physical Activity Strategy

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Closes 17 Feb 2020

Themes and Priorities

The themes and priorities of this strategy have been identified to focus our work across the Council to shape Redbridge, the work we do and the services we commission.

There are 6 priorities:

  1. Present a world-class physical activity and sport offering – from urban planning through parks and sports facilities - that matches the needs of our diverse community and enables our residents to become more active.
  2. Tackle health inequalities through one of the most accessible means – facilitating opportunities for active recreation, including walking.
  3. Utilise evidence and insight to enable the less active to take the first steps towards becoming active.
  4. Collaborate with voluntary organisations, social enterprises and community organisations to deliver activities that match the needs of the local population.
  5. Promote inclusive participation for all Redbridge residents, regardless of their social, cultural, economic, physical and environmental background.
  6. Promote activities that support the “almost active” to make healthy choices and develop sustainable activity habits for life.

We will achieve these priorities by developing:

  1. Active Places – physical activity, sport and play will be embedded into everyday places, providing accessible and inclusive local space to be active. 
  2. Active Communities – enabling communities to activate opportunities and deliver physical activity, sport and play interventions based on local need, enhancing social and community cohesion.
  3. Active Lifetime – play that lasts a lifetime, supporting the promotion of inter-generational activity opportunities that encourage positive physical activity habits from childhood through a lifetime.


Draft Physical Activity Strategy

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