Redbridge Green Urban Landscape Policy

Closed 15 Jan 2021

Opened 13 Nov 2020


Redbridge Council is working on a Green Urban Landscape policy that will create a plan for managing and improving Council greenery across the borough. Greenery includes trees, shrubs (bushes), planters (flower beds on the street) and grass areas. These natural assets are very important in an urban area like Redbridge. They provide spaces for us to enjoy being in nature, spaces that encourage outdoor activity, allow people to meet, and improve our well-being. In addition, if managed well, they can provide healthy spaces for wildlife to flourish and adapt to climate change. Ultimately, greenery is a key element of what makes a neighbourhood attractive and a nicer place to live in and we’d really like you to help shape this policy.

This policy will update the old tree policy from 1996 and seeks to unify our approach to greenery across the Council. This policy is just one step on a journey to improving the environment within Redbridge and will be followed up by action plans for other natural resources such as rivers and waterways.



What happens next

A large number of responses from across the borough were received and we would like to thank the 483 people who took the time to complete the survey to give us their views. The views expressed are important to us, and will take some time to analyse; however, the views provided have already been used to identify priorities and will form the basis of the Green Urban Landscape Policy for council maintained land.

Overall, there was an interesting balance of concerns between the environmental factors and the social benefits of maintaining and improving greenery in the borough. Air quality was an issue of great concern, along with improving spaces for wildlife. On the social side, providing spaces to be in nature and making the borough a nicer place to live, were the top goals.

There was a call to integrate nature throughout the borough in small ways, with street trees being a top favourite for future investment, followed by pocket parks. Meadow banks and woodland areas also have strong support. Planting more trees in areas that currently do not have many emerges as a top priority, as well as planting along busy roads.

We will be posting updates on the policy, which is expected to go live in June 2021, on our website


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