Older People Survey on Feeling Isolated and Lonely

Closed 16 Sep 2019

Opened 26 Aug 2019


The aim of this short survey is to get a better understanding of the views of people aged 65 and over who live in Redbridge. We want to find out how many older people may have experienced feeling lonely and isolated and how they think this can be improved. We will then use this information to make recommendations to tackle loneliness and isolation amongst older people in Redbridge.

The survey is completely anonymous and all your answers will be added to the others we receive. We hope you will complete the survey but you can stop at any time if you no longer wish to take part. If you need any support, details of organisations who can help are at the end of the survey.

If you understand this information and agree, please proceed. 

Thank you for your time in completing this survey. 


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