Views on Nature and Biodiversity in Redbridge

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Closes 29 Jan 2021

Draft Recommendations

These are the recommendations that have been drafted;

a) Carry out a review of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) in Redbridge, assessing current designations and recommending new candidate SINCs; to then develop and write the Borough's new Nature Conservation Strategy and Delivery Action Plans. From woodland, wetlands and meadow habitats to flood resilience, carbon off-setting, urban greening and landscape scale schemes, these documents would underpin the other recommendations (see below).

b) Developing innovative and bold community food growing projects and identifying hubs in Redbridge, alongside external partners, with an emphasis on organic production and nature conservation.

c) Increasing and investing in communications and marketing, to ensure that biodiversity and environmental issues are given the appropriate priority within the council and to highlight environmental matters to residents and businesses. For nature areas, the 'Grow Zone' brand would be rolled out across the Borough's green spaces and diversity projects, schemes and campaigns.

d) Continued investment in strategic partnerships with a range of organisations (i.e. central government/ non-profit/ private sector) to increase the overall tree canopy cover in Redbridge, working towards a targeted plan, as part of the Carbon Offset Scheme.

e) Recognising the benefits of allotments and composting to residents, to identify opportunities to create more community spaces for food growing as borough target, specifically new housing developments, and to identify suitable open spaces across the borough portfolio.

f) Sharing recommendations from the Scrutiny group within the Council, in relation to recycling and improvements to the environment within the East London Waste Plan, and Planning, in relation to the Local Plan, emphasising the requirement for biodiversity and sustainability in planning developments and to resource its enforcement.

g) To consider suggestions to encourage homeowners not to pave over their front gardens and to keep them 'green' giving them the opportunity to create new 'Grow Zones' across the borough.

h) To consider suggestions to encourage compliance with good practice, other than employing more enforcement staff.

1. What are your views on these recommendations?